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Grab 1.8GB of loops & oneshots - the first time all 3 packs have been offered in one bundle.

Dub, Reggae, Dancehall, Dubstep and more. A great collection of loops and sounds to keep coming back to.

Drums, Bass, Guitars, Horns, Percussion, Keys, Synths, FX and more.

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$15 USD for all three packs (1.8GB) ends August 9th 2020
Transmissions Dub Pack (550MB) Bass Culture Expanded (1GB) Dub Reggae & Beyond (250MB)





Transmissions  - Dub Loop Pack
  • Transmissions  - Dub Loop Pack
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550 MB of Loops & Oneshots Full Song Audio + Bonus Stripped Mix

Transmissions (Dub) is a 140BPM downtempo, deep, ethereal dub song that includes heavy live bass, live and programmed drums, live guitar, synths, live percussion and various vocal bits layered with spring reverb, delay and other processing.

GENRE(S): Dub / Reggae / Downtempo Wav format / 140BPM / Key: Ab minor


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Dubmatix presents the 250MB loop pack "Dub, Reggae & Beyond" to help bring fresh sounds and inspiration to your productions. From deep subsonic synth bass & live bass, classic roots skanks and keys to twisted dubstep, fx, percussion grooves, arpeggiated analog synths, there's a little something for everyone.

WHAT'S INSIDE 250MB of roots, steppers, dubstep, future dub, dancehall and more.

  • Bass - 13 Loops
  • Drums - 16 Loops
  • Horns - 3 Loops
  • One Shots - 17 Hits
  • Percussion 15 Loops
  • Music / Skanks - 11 Loops
  • Synths - 12 Loops
  • Vox - 6 Hits

16 bit wav files. All loops & one hits created, mixed and mastered by Dubmatix

NOTE: Originally released in May 2018 - this pack will be delete from the site at the end of November 2018.

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